Modify or Removing a Configuration

The Helcim.js configuration controls a range of settings for your Helcim.js integration and can be modified to suit your need, or deleted if no longer required. From your Helcim.js Configuration you can control the following things:

  • Whether Helcim.js responses include XML.
  • Whether your Helcim.js integration is processing in Test Mode.
  • The Currency, Transaction Type, and Processing Terminal for your Helcim.js integration.
  • Whether or not amount hashing is enforced, as well as the minimum and maximum amounts for any processing through Helcim.js.
  • Whether reCaptcha is required and the score threshold that Helcim.js will check for processing.

How to modify your Helcim.js Configuration

To modify your Helcim.js Configuration.

  • Log into your Helcim account.
  • Click on All Tools in the top left corner.
  • Click on Integrations .
  • Select Helcim.js Configurations from the left hand menu.
  • Select the configuration you would like to modify from the overview screen.

If you want to edit your settings, simply edit the field you want to change on the overview page and then click on Save to apply the changes.

General Settings

How to delete your Helcim.js Configuration

From the main Helcim.js Configurations screen, you can quickly delete an existing configuration by clicking on the Trash Can icon on the right-hand side of your screen.

Once you’ve opened the Helcim.js Configuration you can Delete the Configuration by selecting the Actions button and Delete.

Helcim.js Configuration