SSL and Security

Helcim.js greatly reduces your scope of security and PCI compliance, by establishing a secure connection between the cardholder's web browser and the Helcim API.

SSL/TLS Certificate

While the connection between the customer and the Helcim API is secure, the customer cannot see the secure https connection established by the JavaScript without examining the source code. Therefore, from an appearance stand-point, it is important the merchants have an SSL certificate installed on the displayed page as customers have been trained to look for one. It is also good practice to use SSL whenever capturing customer information, even if the sensitive cardholder information is handled by Helcim.

In test-mode, an SSL certificate is not required to be present on your checkout page. However, you need to tell Helcim.js to skip the SSL verification by creating an input field with id=test value=1.

In production mode, Helcim.js will verify that an SSL is present, or return an error.