Creating an API access token

As part of the API authentication fields, you need to create an API access token. To get started:

  • Log in to your Helcim Account
  • Click on All Tools and then on the ntegrations
  • Select API Access Configuration from the left menu
  • If this is your first time visiting the API Access page, it will display a message that says, “No data found”. Click on New API Access to get started.

Set the API access to Active and give the API token a nickname. This will be your reference for the application using the API, such as "Website", "Mobile App" or "Shopping Cart".


Configuration API permissions

Each API access token that you create will have its own permissions. First, you can configure whether this API access token is able to process card transactions, the types of transactions it can process, and the terminals that it has access to.


Next you will be able to set permissions for the types of data objects that the API access token can view, modify and/or delete.


Finally, click save located on the top right of the page to create the API.


You can now retrieve your API access token, which will be used as part of your authentication fields.