Multiple currencies and terminals

Handling optional accounts with multiple currencies and terminal IDs.

Some Helcim accounts can be configured to accept multiple-currencies, while others will have multi terminals on file that can process payments. When making API requests

Field NameTypeDescription
currencyString (3)The currency that you want to process. (ex: CAD, USD, EUR)
terminalIdIntegerThe terminal ID that you wish to use to process this transaction.


API Default Behavior

When not specified, the Helcim API will process card transactions using the default terminal ID on file for that Helcim account, as well as the default currency for that terminal.

What is a terminal?

A terminal is essentially a merchant account confirmation. It holds certain settings such as the processor network, currencies, settlement times and other card processing configurations.

Where can I find my terminal information?

Login to your Helcim account, and under the "All Tools" menu, select "Payments", and click on "Terminals". You will see a list of all the terminals available and their currency.


By clicking on a specific terminal, you will be able to view its unique ID.