Test mode and error testing codes

How to test card transaction flows.

You should test your card transaction flows without submitting real authorizations to the card networks. To do set, add the POST field below as part of any card transaction API call.

Field NameFormatDescription
testIntegerSet to 1 to test transactions.

Testing Transaction Declines

Card transaction declines are simulated by sending a CVV2 value of 200 or larger. The table below shows the various decline codes that you can generate.

CVV InputResponseMessage
2000DECLINED - Do not honor due to CVV2 mismatch\failure
2010PICK UP CARD - Pick up card
2020AMOUNT ERROR - Tran Amount Error
2030AMT OVER SVC LMT - Amount is more than established service limit
2040APPL TYPE ERROR - Call support for help with this error
2050CANNOT CONVERT - Check is ok, but cannot convert. Do Not Honor

Testing Address Verification Service (AVS) Responses

Card networks provide an address verification service (AVS) as part of card authorizations. You can also test various responses by sending a specific CVV.

CVV InputResponseMessageAVS ResponseCVV Response