Getting started

Welcome to the Helcim developer docs!

This section is intended for developers looking to integrate Helcim's payment and merchant platform into their website or application. If you're a Helcim merchant looking for help on using our services, please visit our Helcim Support Center.

There are three tools available for developers to integrate with: Helcim API, Helcim.js and Hosted Payment Pages. Whenever interacting with full card numbers, developers should use either Helcim.js or Hosted Payment Pages for the initial capture and tokenize of those cards. You can then store those card tokens in your own application, and use the Helcim API to submit further card transactions as needed.

Helcim API

You can use the Helcim API to integrate payments into your application or website. The API can also be used to list, view, create or modify a large number of data objects, including items in your product catalog, customers, orders, and transactions. There are more than 80 different API actions that developers can perform.

View the Helcim API v1.0 reference docs


Helcim.js allows you to maintain full control over your server, HTML and customer experience, without the security drawbacks usually associated with typical payment gateway integrations. Customers remain on your website, yet sensitive credit card data is never submitted to your server directly.

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Hosted Payment Pages

If you're integrating payments into a website, the Hosted Payment Pages are also a simple tool to consider.

Hosted Payment Pages are hosted checkouts that can be highly customized to serve a number of functions. They can be used in a number of ways - as part of a shopping cart's checkout, as a simple "Pay Now" function on a website, a customer registration form, a recurring plan signup form, and more.

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