Overview of Helcim.js

Integrating with Helcim.js allows you to embed credit card payments into your website or application, without the need to handle your customers' sensitive card information. Customers remain on your website, yet credit card data is never submitted directly to your server, reducing your PCI compliance scope.

Utilizing simple HTML input elements, Helcim.js is the ideal solution if you would like to process credit card transactions online, but still want to maintain full control over the look and feel of your payment experience.

Through Helcim.js, you can process Purchase transactions, complete Verify transactions to validate and tokenize credit card details, or run a pre-authorized transaction on a card to Capture an amount later.

illustration of credit card information

How does Helcim.js work?

Helcim.js is a JavaScript that uses Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) AJAX to establish a secure connection between your customers web browser and the Helcim API.

The customer enters their credit card information into the HTML input elements on your website and on form submission the Helcim.js JavaScript will intercept the contents of the form based on the id value of these elements, tokenize the credit card information, remove and obscure sensitive values entered into the form, and then process the payment.

Once the transaction is complete, Helcim.js submits the HTML form back to your website. You can capture the results in POST (and XML) to access the returned transaction information, giving you full control without the liability of storing and transmitting sensitive cardholder data.

Looking to process with Helcim Fee-Saver or ACH payments?

With access to Helcim Fee-Saver, HelcimPay.js can be used by your customers to process credit card or ACH payments, or simply verify and tokenize card details to your Helcim Card Vault for later use through the Payment API.

If you're looking to reduce your credit card processing fees, process with credit card or ACH payments, and still want to keep your PCI compliance scope to a minimum, then HelcimPay.js is the option for you.


Learn more about integrating with HelcimPay by reviewing our documentation here.

SSL/TLS Certificate

Helcim.js greatly reduces your scope of security and PCI compliance, by establishing a secure connection between the cardholder's web browser and the Helcim API.

While the connection between the customer and the Helcim API is secure, the customer cannot see the secure https connection established by the JavaScript without examining the source code. Therefore, from an appearance stand-point, it is important that you have an SSL certificate installed on the displayed page as customers have been trained to look for one.

It is also good practice to use SSL whenever capturing customer information, even if the sensitive cardholder information is handled by Helcim. When processing live payments with Helcim.js, it will verify that an SSL is present, or return an error.