Test Credit Card Numbers

Card numbers to use while testing transaction flows on Helcim test accounts.

By default, Helcim merchants cannot send full card numbers, expiry dates, or CVV numbers, via the API. Real credit cards should never be used for testing as per PCI-DSS compliance requirements.

Test cards processed on a developer test account can be used to replicate the behaviour of a production environment. This will reduce the security scope and PCI-DSS compliant requirements of merchants while testing and integrating with Helcim.


Important note:

Transactions processed with test credit cards on a production account and processing terminal, will be declined by the card networks, and charges may apply.

Test Card Numbers

Card TypeCard NumberExpiry MonthExpiry YearCVV
American Express37424500175100601251000
Discover Card60119737000000050125100
Discover Card60114501033333330125100


Test Accounts:

Before you can use test credit card numbers to test your transaction flows with the Helcim API, you will need to have a developer test account created. For more information on requesting a test account, please review the Developer Testing documentation.

Tokenizing Test Cards

We encourage merchants to verify and tokenize these test card numbers using the HelcimPay.js tool and send the respective card token through the Process Purchase Transaction endpoint to replicate a live transaction flow.

Alternatively you can utilize HelcimPay.js to process purchase transactions without the need to call additional API endpoints.

Visit the following guide to learn more about HelcimPay.js.