API Versions and Deprecation

When integrating with the Helcim API it is important to consider the current state of any Helcim API endpoint or product that you are intending to connect with. Our recommendation is to always integrate with the most recent stable version of the Helcim API and review the most recent version of our developer documentation to ensure support information is up to date.

You can confirm the current version of documentation you are viewing in the top left corner of our developer documentation, with deprecated, BETA, and stable versioning of our documentation clearly marked.

Helcim API Versions


Once a Helcim API product or service has been marked as stable it will be indicated as such in the Helcim Developer Documentation and tagged as the stable version of that particular API in our documentation version control.

Default processes within the Helcim Integrations dashboard are transitioned to current versions of the Helcim API at this time and we recommend that developers upgrade any integrations using legacy or deprecated API endpoints to instead call these new ones.


New APIs released for BETA testing will be indicated in the Helcim Developer Documentation and tagged as the BETA version of that particular API in our documentation version control. We encourage developers to test and utilize BETA endpoints and provide feedback on features required or bugs encountered. Integrating production environments without comprehensive testing should be done with caution.


Deprecation of a Helcim API can happen periodically. Once deprecated, new functionality will not be added to any API's and bug fixes will be limited to high severity problems.

Once a decision to deprecate an API has been made, communication of that deprecation will be made to merchants in our Helcim Integrations dashboard, our developer documentation, or potentially through merchant outreach if required.

Once an API or API product is deprecated, we recommend this service should no longer be used and merchants utilizing these APIs should plan to upgrade to any replacement services. Support of deprecated products is limited to current functionality with an understanding of any known issues leading to that products deprecation.


Any end of life deadlines will be announced ahead of time.

End of Life

If a Helcim API product has been marked for end of life, we strongly discourage developers from using this feature. This will no longer supported by Helcim support teams, enhancement and code fixes for issues of any severity will no longer be provided, and the service will no longer be tested for breaking changes.

When possible Helcim will provide a period of deprecation before marking any API service as end of life and this will be communicated in the Helcim integrations dashboard, on our public facing developer documentation, and possibly through merchant outreach if required.


To avoid confusion and support issues related to Helcim API services that have been marked end of life, Helcim may at any time make a decision to turn off these features, making these impossible to use. Public facing code and documentation will be removed at this time.

When possible Helcim will provide a grace period for end of life features, to allow developers time to upgrade their integrations to a current and stable version of the Helcim API.