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Helcim offers easy and affordable payment solutions, delivered with a human touch. By integrating with the Helcim API, you can build custom solutions that meet your unique business needs. From processing transactions, to managing your customers, the Helcim API has a flexible range of options to integrate into your business website or application.

This documentation is intended for developers looking to integrate the Helcim API or HelcimPay into their website or application. If you're new to Helcim or the Helcim API, then we have a few recommended resources as you begin your journey with us.

Helcim product suite


WooCommerce support

If you're an existing Helcim merchant looking for support with the Helcim Payments plugin for WooCommerce, please visit our Helcim Learning Center or connect with our support team at [email protected].

Getting Started

Helcim has a range of tools available for developers to integrate with, including the Helcim API and HelcimPay. If you're looking for something a little easier to implement, then you can also check out our no code options for hassle free solutions to get your business online in a hurry!

Helcim API

You can use the Helcim API to integrate payments into your application or website and build custom solutions that meet your business needs. The API can also be used to view, create or modify a large number of data objects, including customers, card batches, invoices, and transactions.

Check out our Overview of the Helcim API to learn more about how to integrate these into your website or application.

Helcim API code with a credit card in front of the screen


HelcimPay.js makes adding payments to your website or app incredibly simple with our prebuilt, end-to-end payment flow that is designed to save you time through simple, copy-and-paste code.

Process Credit Card or ACH payments for your customers and gain access to Helcim Fee Saver, allowing you to pass on your credit card processing fees to customers and clients in a transparent and easy to navigate manner.

If you're not ready to process transactions right away, you can simply verify and tokenize card details to your Helcim Card Vault for later use through the Helcim API, all while reducing your scope of PCI-DSS compliance as customer card details never touch your website or servers.

Check out our Overview of the HelcimPay.js to learn more about how to integrate this solution into your website or application.

Helcim payment UI and a credit card


Embed payments into your website or app without handling sensitive information. Helcim.js is the ideal solution for developers looking for control over their user experience while reducing security and PCI-DSS scope.

Simply put, Helcim.js allows you to maintain full control over your server, HTML and customer experience, without the security drawbacks usually associated with typical payment gateway integrations. Customers remain on your website, yet sensitive credit card data is never submitted to your back-end server directly.

Check out our Overview of the Helcim.js to learn more about how to integrate this solution into your website or application.

No Code Options

Feeling a little in the deep end? No worries, Helcim has some no code options that can get your business online with minimal to no integration work required.

Online Checkout

The Helcim Online Checkout is the easiest and most affordable way to set up a full, end-to-end ecommerce store for your business and sell your products online. No code, no sweat. Take a look at our Online Checkout section to learn more on how to enable this service for your business.

Online checkout ui

Hosted Payment Pages

Payment pages are an easier way to accept online payments. Securely add seamless payment functionality to your website, with no programming required. Create a unique URL or QR code to link on your website or in your communications and you're good to go! Take a look at our Hosted Payment Page section to learn more on how to enable this service for your business.

Hosted payment pages interface

What’s Next

New to Helcim? Review our developer testing documentation and start integrating!