Create a new Helcim.js Configuration

All implementations of Helcim.js will require a Helcim.js Configuration in order to work. This allows you to control your Helcim.js settings in the back-end, through your Helcim accounts Integrations section.

You can set a transaction size minimum and maximum for Purchase transactions to deter card-testing on your checkout page, enable amount hashing or reCaptcha, and determine whether the configuration is set to test-mode or production.


Processing different Transaction Types through Helcim.js

For Helcim.js implementations where you will process different transaction types under different circumstances, you should have one Helcim.js Configuration for each payment type you intend to use, such as one for Card Purchase and one for Card Verify.

Create a new configuration

  • Click on All Tools.

all tools menu icon

  • Click on Integrations .

integrations menu icon

  • Click on Helcim.js Configurations.

Helcim.js configurations

  • Click on New Configuration in the top right-hand corner to get started.

  • After selecting your settings, click Save to create the new configuration.


After you click Save a new Helcim.js Configuration Token and Secret Key will be generated under the Security Settings section.

These values are used in your Helcim.js integration to authenticate and validate transactions processed through Helcim.js. Review our Integrating with Helcim.js documentation for more details.

General settings

You can now work through the different fields to customize your Helcim.js settings.

ActiveToggle this on to activate your Helcim.js configuration and allow processing.
Include XML on ResponseThis setting controls whether the Helcim.js response should include XML, along with the rest of the POST fields.
NameGive your Helcim.js Configuration a Name for reference.

General settings form

Transaction settings

Test ModeToggle this on to switch your Helcim.js processing to test. Transactions processed with test mode enabled will show in your Test Transactions list, accessed by selecting Payments, then clicking the drop-down next to Credit Card to switch to the test list.
CurrencySelect the currency for your Helcim.js configuration. The available currencies will be based on the location and set-up of your Helcim account.
Transaction TypeSelect the Transaction Type for your configuration based on your preferred Helcim.js implementation.
TerminalSelect the processing Terminal that should be used for transactions. Most Helcim merchants will only have one processing terminal, however merchants with multiple Helcim merchant accounts should select the processing terminal for the merchant account they would like to process through.
Transaction settings form


Developer Test Accounts

When combining Helcim.js with the Payment API for processing Purchase or Capture transactions, we recommend testing with a developer test account. This will ensure transactions processed through the Payment API are also test transactions.

Security settings

Enforce HashingToggle on Enforce Hashing when using Helcim.js to process Purchase transactions, to determine whether amount hashing is required for transactions. Please review our Utilizing Amount Hashing documentation for more information.
Minimum AmountSet a Minimum Amount to determine the minimum transaction amount that can be processed through your Helcim.js configuration. Setting a minimum amount helps to prevent card testing on your website or checkout page, however this setting is only valid for Purchase and Pre-Authorization transaction types.
Maximum AmountSet a Maximum Amount to determine the to maximum Purchase or Pre-Authorization transaction amount that can be processed through your Helcim.js configuration. By default your maximum amount will be set to 0.00 which is no limit.
Require CaptchaToggle Require Captcha to enabled Google reCaptcha V3 for transactions processed through your Helcim.js configuration. Additional code will need to be added for this to work correctly and you should review our Enabling reCaptcha for Helcim.js documentation for more details.
Captcha Score ThresholdSet the Captcha Score Threshold for your Helcim.js configuration. This is the minimum captcha score a transaction must pass before the transaction is allowed to process. A score of 1.0 is likely a very good transaction and a score of 0.0 is very likely a bot. The higher the score, the stricter the threshold.
Security settings form