Creating a new config

Helcim.js requires a configuration to be created in order to work.

This configuration will control your transaction and security settings, ensuring that the end-user cannot modify your desired settings. To create a new configuration, click on Integrations and Helcim.js Configurations to get started.


Once you are on the main Helcim.js Configurations landing page click on New Configuration in the top right-hand corner to get started.


You can now work through the different fields to custom your Helcim.js Settings.

General settings

Field NameDescription
ActiveWhether the configuration should be active and accepting transactions.
Include XML on ResponseWhether the Helcim.js response should include a XML on the response (along with the rest of the POST fields). This is needed for some plugin configurations.
NameA nickname for your reference.

Transaction settings

Test ModeWhether transactions passed through this Helcim.js config should be in test-mode or live authorizations.
CurrencyThe transaction currency (must be supported by your Helcim account).
Transaction TypeWhether transactions processed through this config should be "purchase" or "verify". Verifies are $0 transactions that only tokenize the cards.
TerminalThe terminal that should be used for these transactions.

Security settings

Enforce HashingWhether amount hashing is required. Please see hashing instructions for more details.
Amount MinimumThe minimum amount that can be processed using this configuration. Setting a minimum helps to prevent card-testing on your checkout page.
Amount MaximumThe maximum amount that can be processed using this configuration. 0 = no limit.
Require CaptchaWith this option set as Yes it will enable ReCaptcha v3. Additional code will need to be added to be implemented for Captcha to work correctly. Instructions to produce the code using the Code Generator can be found here.
Captcha Score ThresholdThe minimum captcha score needed for the transaction to be allowed to process. 1.0 is very likely a good interaction, 0.0 is very likely a bot.

Once ready, click Save to create the new configuration.

After you click Save a new configuration token will be genrated under the Security Settings. Scroll down to copy and paste the token as part of your Helcim.js HTML integration.