Integrating with HelcimPay.js

Quickly set up HelcimPay.js and start accepting payments in minutes.

Integrating with HelcimPay.js and taking payments online is quick and easy. Simply initialize your HelcimPay.js checkout session, render the payment modal with your checkoutToken, then validate the transactions response after your customer processes their payment.

The documentation below provides a high level overview of each of these steps, so be sure to review the full documentation for each of these steps for more details!

Initialize your HelcimPay.js checkout session

  • Pass any variables such as the amount of the checkout session from your front-end to your secure back-end to make your initialize request.
  • Send the required body parameters in your initialize request payload to the HelcimPay.js initialize endpoint
  • Use the returned checkoutToken to render the HelcimPay.js modal.
  • Store the returned secretToken in your system to validate the transaction response after your customer processes their payment.

Render the HelcimPay.js modal

  • Call the appendHelcimPayIframe() function using an on click function on a button or anchor element, and pass it the unique checkoutToken returned by your initialize request.
  • HelcimPay.js will render the payment modal in an iFrame where your customer will process their payment.

Validate the transaction response

  • After processing their payment, HelcimPay.js will return a transaction response to the window object where the payment was made.
  • Collect the transaction response using an event listener and then redirect your customer and / or make any required changes in your system based on the outcome of the transaction.