Configuring for HelcimPay.js

Now that you have decided on how you want to implement HelcimPay.js in your website or application, it’s time to configure your Helcim account to facilitate your integration.

Review the following documentation for a step by step guide on how to create the required configurations in your Helcim accounts Integrations section.

Create a new API Access Configuration

All implementations of HelcimPay.js will require an API Access Configuration. This generates your unique api-token that is used to authenticate your Initialization requests with the Helcim API and sets the permissions for that token to process through HelcimPay.js.

Process through HelcimPay.js with Helcim Fee-Saver

Integrating with HelcimPay.js allows you to pass on your credit card processing fees to your customers and clients, to accept credit cards at no cost (0%). Easily navigate surcharges, convenience fees, and service charges with Helcim Fee Saver.