Create a new API Access Configuration

Creating your API Access Configuration

In order to authenticate your HelcimPay.js Initialization requests to the Helcim API, you need to create an API Access Configuration to generate your unique api-token. This API token is used for all requests to the Helcim API and HelcimPay.

To get started:

  • Log in to your Helcim Account.
  • Click on All Tools and then on the Integrations.
  • Select API Access Configuration from the left menu.
  • Click on New API Access.

  • Enter a name for your API Access Configuration.
  • Select the appropriate Access Restrictions for your API token.
  • Click Create located on the top right of the page to save your configuration and generate your API token.


Legacy API tokens:

Please note that legacy Helcim API tokens cannot be used to Initialize HelcimPay.js checkout sessions or to send requests to the Helcim API V2 endpoints.

Configuring your API permissions

Each API Access Configuration that you create will have its own unique permissions and the permissions levels you select should depend on what you intend to do through the Helcim API. Review our suggested API permissions for common use cases below.

  • General permissions will apply to general objects like Customer, Order, Products, and Others.
  • Settings permissions will apply to settings objects like VT Settings, Customer Settings, General Settings, and Others.
  • Transaction Processing permissions will apply to transactions processed through the Helcim API. Transaction Processing permissions inherit the lower permissions levels when selected.
    • None - cannot process any type of transaction.
    • Auth - for processing Verify and Preauth transactions.
    • Positive Transaction - for processing Purchase and Capture.
    • Admin - for processing Reversal, Refund.

Recommended API permissions access

ProductSuggested Permissions
Helcim APIGeneral: Read & Write
Settings: Read & Write
Transaction Processing: Admin
HelcimPayGeneral: No access
Settings: No access
Transaction Processing: Positive Transaction
Smart Terminal APIGeneral: Read
Settings: Read
Transaction Processing: Admin


HelcimPay permissions:

Please note that you cannot process Refund Transactions through HelcimPay.js.

If you intend to use the same API token for requests to the Helcim API, then you would want to set your permissions access to the recommended Helcim API settings and ensure Transaction Processing is set to Admin.

Invalid API permissions

If you attempt a function through the API with an api-token that does not have the appropriate permissions, you will receive a status 401 error response with "No access permission" from the Helcim system.

You will need to update the Access Restrictions for your API token, or create a new unique token with the appropriate permissions for that action.

  "errors": "No access permission"