Response Fields

Once the transaction is completed and the form is submitted, POST data will be sent back to the merchant's server (webpage). The POST data will include the fields listed below. The POST field [xml] will also contain an XML structure of the response.

Field NameTypeDescription
responseInteger1 = Success, 0 = Failure
responseMessageStringThe transaction response message.
noticeMessageIntegerThe transaction notice, such as "Order Updated".
dateStringThe transaction date, format: YYYY-MM-DD
timeStringThe transaction time, format: HH:MM:SS
typeStringThe transaction type, such as "Purchase" or "Verify".
amountDecimalThe amount processed.
cardHolderNameStringThe cardholder's name.
cardNumberStringThe credit card number (masked).
cardExpiryStringThe credit card expiry date.
cardTokenStringThe credit card token.
cardTypeStringThe credit card type.
transactionIdStringThe transaction ID.
avsResponseStringThe address verify (AVS) response.
cvvResponseStringThe CVV response.
approvalCodeStringThe transaction approval code.
orderNumberStringThe order number.
customerCodeStringThe customer code.
currencyStringThe transaction currency.
xmlStringThe XML response (XML document format).

POST response sample

[response] => 1
[responseMessage] => APPROVED
[noticeMessage] => Order Created - Customer Created
[date] => 2017-06-21
[time] => 12:23:31
[type] => purchase
[amount] => 100.00
[cardHolderName] => John Smith
[cardNumber] => 5454****5454
[cardExpiry] => 1025
[cardToken] => 5440c5e27f287875889421
[cardType] => MasterCard
[transactionId] => 112415310
[avsResponse] => X
[cvvResponse] => M
[approvalCode] => 102542
[orderNumber] => INV10010
[customerCode] => CST2000
[currency] => CAD

XML response sample

<?xml version=\"1.0\"?>
	<noticeMessage>Order Created - Customer Created</noticeMessage>
	<cardHolderName>John Smith</cardHolderName>