HTTP Response Codes

The Helcim API will return a response code appropriate to the outcome of the request and will follow RESTful best practices when it comes to HTTP response codes.

HTTP Status CodeMessageDescription
200OkThe request succeeded. This response is a generic response for successful requests, including getting or updating a resource.
201CreatedA new resource was successfully created and is typically provided in response to a POST request to create a new resource.
202AcceptedThe request has been received but not yet acted upon and is returned when a request is queued for later processing.
204No ContentThe request was successful, but the Helcim API has no data to respond with, such as when a resource is successfully deleted.
400Bad RequestThe server cannot process your request. The JSON response will contain the desired information requested, or an error with the structure of the API request (such as missing or invalid request fields).
401UnauthorizedThere are missing or invalid credentials in the request. Either no API token was provided, or an incorrect API token was provided, such as providing a legacy token for a V2 endpoint.
403ForbiddenThe given credentials are not permitted for this action. The permissions associated with the API token do not allow for the requested action and should be updated resending the request.
405Method Not AllowedThe resource or action exists, but is not supported with the given request method, such as attempting to delete a resource that does not allow for this.
409ConflictThe request received conflicts with a previous request accepted by the APOI, often caused by an idempotency key that has been assigned to an existing successful transaction.
429Too Many RequestsThe user has sent too many requests in a given amount of time. For more information on rate limiting, review our Rate Limits documentation.
500Internal Server ErrorA fatal error in logic has impacted the ability of the API to provide a well structured response. Internal server errors can be reported to Helcim support for further investigation.
522Service UnavailableServices are down, impacting our ability to provide a response at this time.


Error Handling:

For more information on error responses and how to handle these, please review our Errors and Error Handling documentation.