Rate Limits

In order to protect the Helcim system and maintain service quality and availability for our merchants, the Helcim API has rate limits on requests to our endpoints.

These rate limits restrict the number of API calls a user can make to our API in a given time period and multiple API tokens on the same Helcim account share the same limit. The Helcim API will check the total number of requests in the last 60 seconds or 60 minutes from the time of request, to ensure that the total number of requests does not exceed the below limits.

Rate Limits

  • Concurrent Limit: 5 calls in progress at one time.
  • Minute Limit: 100 calls per minute.
  • Hourly Limit: 3000 calls per hour.

If you exceed the rate limits outlined in this documentation, the Helcim API will return an error response with HTTP code 429 - Too Many Requests. You will need to wait until your limits have reset before making further calls to the Helcim API.


The remaining requests for each rate limit are included in the header of the Helcim API response to your request.

minute-limit-remaining: 99
hour-limit-remaining: 2999