Understanding API Errors

When a request to the Helcim API results in an error response, the respective endpoint will return a response with an 'errors' object containing any relevant error messages. These will be returned with an appropriate HTTP response code in order for you to handle the error within your integration appropriately.

The Helcim API can return one or more errors within the same errors object, and each error may require a different resolution before resubmitting your request. The key of each error message within the object will often correlate to the field within the request where the error originated, while the value will provide more information on why the error occurred.

API errors

Depending on the root cause of Helcim API errors, you may need to resolve these by changing Helcim account settings, or updating the information sent in the header or body of your API request. For more information on common errors that you could receive and how to handle these, visit our Common API Errors documentation.